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Google Translate as a Tool for Genealogy

A genealogist may need to translate the languages spoken by their ancestors but which are unknown to the researcher. The researcher may need to translate deeds, parish registers, wills and other original source records. Google Translate, a free program, answers these translation needs. ...(more)

Find a Cemetery

Genealogists are one of the few groups of people who routinely spend time in a graveyard or cemetery. Graves can be an important source of information about a person's life. Grave markers provide accurate birth and death dates and can provide clues about family members, as well. In some cases, multiple generations of a family are buried in the same cemetery, which is quite a boon to family history. Making use of these valuable resources is much easier when a genealogist learns how to find the proper cemetery....(more)

Cheap Vintage Postcards

Long before cell phones and email, people had to be more creative with their means of communication. In the early 20th century, postcards were a popular way for people to communicate because postage was cheap and the postcards were attractive, featuring images of different places. Collections of old postcards can reveal a lot about your genealogy. Old postcards passed down from generation to generation reveal a lot about the experiences, movements, and locations of your ancestors. Even if you don't have family postcards, buying cheap vintage postcards online from the time your family members lived and the places that they inhabited will tell a lot about their lives....(more)

Heritage Quest Online

Anyone who has attempted to research their family history in the past several years has probably come across Heritage Quest Online at some point during their research. Heritage Quest Online is a comprehensive database of records such as Federal Censuses and Revolutionary War records. This database can be used to access information dating back to as early as the 1700s. Information from these records can help researchers discover details about their ancestors and trace property ownership. Individuals may be able to access Heritage Quest Online through their local library, a college or university, or through membership in a genealogical society. Below is a brief description of each of the categories of information available through Heritage Quest Online....(more)


10 Kinds of Business Records to Help You With Your Genealogy

Business records are often overlooked for genealogical information about your ancestors. It is likely that your ancestors either worked for a company or operated their own business. It is also likely that there are records concerning their ownership or employment useful for genealogical research....(more)

Where can I find Newspaper Records for my Genealogy Research?

Newspapers are a rich source of genealogical information. Unfortunately, newspaper archives are scattered all over the world; this is particularly true in the United States. Newspaper records may be located in both small and large collections. Newspaper records may have survived when others did not....(more)

Understanding Church Records for Genealogy Research

Church records are consistently valuable records for genealogical research. Some of the oldest existing records of individuals are contained in the parish registers of Europe. Church records may give information about births, deaths, households, and marriages when other such records are missing....(more)

Keeping in Touch

Put your family tree online

There are advantages to putting your family tree online. Some online family tree programs provide automated or semi-automated original source lookup capabilities. You can also connect with your relatives around the world. Some online programs also synchronize with your desktop genealogy database....(more)

Activities at a Family Reunion

If you are planning to attend a family reunion soon, you could be in for a lot of fun. Family reunions are great opportunities to bond with family members that you do not know very well. There is nothing quite like being well in touch with the people to whom you are biologically connected. There are all sorts of fun activities that you can do at a family reunion; these activities can really help you bond with your family members. The following is a list of family reunion activities that can be very enjoyable....(more)

Events at a Family Reunion

A family reunion is a great way for long distance family members to keep in touch. There are many factors that must be considered when planning a family reunion. The location needs to be considered, as well as the number of people who are able to come. Perhaps the hardest part, however, is planning the events that will make up the reunion. The following is a list of great family reunion events that you can put together for your next reunion....(more)

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