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Don't Forget Insurance Records In Your Genealogical Search

There are a great variety of insurance records available for genealogists to research. It is important that as a researcher, you do not neglect to focus on the types of insura (MORE)
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Locating Court Records for Your Genealogical Research

Court records are sometimes considered to be a genealogist's last resort but they are valuable for establishing family relationships and residence. The often supply useful fam (MORE)

Locating Genealogy Records from the American Civil War

The American Civil War had a huge impact. From a genealogical standpoint, it produced millions of records, many of which can be significant in discovering information about yo (MORE)

Locating Military Veterans' Pension Files for Genealogy

Both the Federal and state governments awarded military veterans pensions from the Revolutionary War. Most military pensions were based on serving for a minimal amount of time (MORE)

5 Large Online Genealogy Database Websites

There are five very large online genealogy database companies that collectively have billions of records. These huge collections have revolutionized genealogical research. The (MORE)